Welcome to the CMABC Professional Development Website.

Professional Development: Education for Industry and Public Practice Members

The Certified Management Accountants of British Columbia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia have now integrated all professional development courses and conferences. The integration of our two programs provides members with a large range of quality professional development opportunities to assist with personal and professional growth.

In addition to the CA/CMA professional development program, CMA members also have full access to courses and member pricing through the professional development program offered by the Certified General Accountants of British Columbia. We currently expect to have a fully integrated program by September 2014.

Please note that we have merged our Professional Development Program with ICABC. For a full list of CA/CMA PD courses, visit the ICABC/CMA BC PD website. If you have never taken seminars with ICABC before, you will need to contact the Institute at (604) 681.3264 (toll-free in BC at 1 (800) 663.2677) to set up your profile the first time.

Pre-purchase and Save Money

There are a number of PD Passport options that allow individuals or organizations to pre-purchase discounted access to seminars and PD product credits. To choose a plan that best meets your needs, visit the ICABC/CMA BC professional development website.

CPLD Online Reporting Available for Members.

Members can enter descriptions of CPLD offerings that they have completed as well as update their record on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  Members will also be able to update prior years for credits they may have missed reporting.  Check out the site by logging in here and clicking on the CPLD Online Reporting button in the menu on the left.